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The Digital Travel Marketing Conference – Customers, Channels, Results Programme

Generate Impressive Returns & Attribute Channel Performance: Compelling Customer Journeys Which Capitalise On The Latest Digital, Social & Tech Innovations In Travel Marketing

Optimise Search, Drive Website Conversions, Leverage Customer Insights, Target Data & Automation For Personalised Content & Seamless, Engaging Multi-Channel Customer
Experiences Which Deliver On The Bottom Line

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 28th September 2017, Hilton Kensington, Central London. Download The Brochure Here.

08.30 Registration & Speed Networking Over Coffee

09.00 Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Multi-Channel Customer Journeys

09.15 Understanding The Entire Multi-Channel Customer Journey & Lifecycle From First Booking To Repeat Business To Gather Key Insights & Drive Business Growth

  • Key insights into monitoring and tracking multi-channel user touchpoints to build a picture of typical customer experiences and behaviours, understand common paths to purchase and refine your channel strategies
  • Harness data to track and understand customer contact preferences for optimised multi-channel communications which tap into audience mindsets and ensure repeat purchases
  • Tracking the consumer lifecycle across multiple purchases for outstanding customer journeys which drive retention and business growth

Claire Cronin
Customer & Marketing Director
Virgin Holidays

Pauline Wilson
Operations Director
Virgin Holidays

Engaging Social Media

09.35 Drive Brand Recognition & Generate Conversions With An Effective, Optimised Social Media Marketing Mix

  • Optimise your content, right down to when and how often to post, for each channel to drive brand visibility and ensure impactful messaging and engagement
  • Tips for creating social media posts tailored to individual channel capabilities which stand out and spur customer interest
  • Thinking bigger: taking social media from merely a brand awareness tool to a primary, self-funding driver of sales in its own right
  • Recognising the potential and limitations of paid vs. organic social media and how to maximise performance for your organisation

Tim McLoughlin
Head of Social Media

Bonus Session

09.55 Response Tap Partner Session
Speaker to be confirmed

Social Media – Panel Discussion

10.10 Refine & Develop Your Organisation’s Social Media Mix For Results-Focused, Data-Led Social Media Marketing

  • Harness trends and continually innovate your social media strategies against a backdrop of changing user habits and ever-evolving algorithms for maximum visibility, interaction and impact
  • Building an accurate and actionable picture of social media performance, reach and impact to allocate budget and resources for maximum results
  • Capitalise on the latest social media content and video to keep your social media presence current, accessible and engaging

Will Weeks
Head of Content

David Bulman
Chief Technology Officer
Bourne Leisure Ltd

James Lee
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
P&O Cruises

Nick Thompson
Social Media Manager
Holiday Extras

Verane Brissaud
E-commerce and Direct Sales Manager
Air France KLM

10.35 Morning Refreshment Break & Informal Networking With Bonus PPC Clinic

PPC Clinic

An informal clinic to discuss real-world, functional strategies to make PPC work for your brand. Key talking points include: tracking and demonstrating the ROI of PPC, striking the balance between cost and popularity with regard to keywords, content, organic rankings and PPC – how do they all relate?

11.05 The Travel Marketer’s Biggest Challenge Yet: The Entitled Consumer
Consumer expectations are rising. The drumbeat for convenience, relevance and value grows louder month on month. How do you build lasting relationships with fickle consumers who believe they are deserving of special treatment and privileges and whose expectations tax the limits of the organisational structures, data and technology available to serve them?

Christopher Baldwin
Head of Marketing, Northern Europe

Customer Insights & Travel Trends – Panel Discussion

11.25 Unravel Changing Travel Customer Expectations To Secure Bookings & Boost Engagement On- & Offline

  • Where are people travelling now and where will they travel tomorrow? Insights into shifts in travel trends from holidays to mini-breaks to staycations – and how to stay ahead of them
  • From gap year to the grey pound: how to most effectively target your key demographics and identify avenues for potential growth and new markets
  • Leverage insights to make the best use of both novel and more traditional channels to develop an engaged, active audience
  • Grasp the impact of broader market trends and cultural shifts such as Brexit on the travel industry to adapt and thrive in a fast-changing environment

Navneet Bali

Jan Richards
Head of Insight
daa (Dublin Airport)

Cathy Thomson
Global Head of CRM & Customer Insight
Hostelworld Group

Optimising Search

11.50 Blend Paid & Organic Search Techniques To Maximise Online Search Visibility & Thrive Online

  • Stay ahead of ever-changing search algorithms and look to the future of search with smart, innovative strategies to maximise online visibility, without breaking the bank
  • Think with a growth mindset: position your website to attract global traffic to raise your brand profile internationally and reach untapped markets through growth hacking techniques
  • Winning tips on aligning SEO with Social as part of a seamless, integrated marketing strategy which boosts your search rankings and helps you create a growth loop

Michael Briggs
Head of SEO & Content Strategy

Bonus Session

12.10 Mapp Partner Session
Speaker to be confirmed

Website Conversions

12.30 Drive Traffic, Optimise Displays & Streamline Bookings For A First-Class Website Presence Which Encourages Direct Bookings & Cuts Out 3rd Parties

  • Sustainably grow your online share and presence and secure more bookings through focusing on customer browsing behaviour
  • Optimising your desktop, tablet or mobile website display to ensure your online presence heightens brand prestige and business growth
  • Creating a streamlined, user-friendly booking process to reduce check out time, increase ease and drive web conversion

Anthony Reilly
Marketing Director

12.50 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Experience Exchanges

A) PURE 360 Partner Session
Speaker to be confirmed

B) Influencers
Fabian Tiefenbacher
Marketing & E-Commerce
Sofitel London St James

C) Video
Seamus McCauley
Head of Communications
Holiday Extras

D) Advertising

13.50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
David Bulman
Chief Technology Officer
Bourne Leisure Ltd

ROI Attribution

14.05 The Bottom Line: Critically Attribute Your Marketing Spend To Best Allocate Resources & Continually Develop & Refine Your Campaigns To Deliver Greatest Value

  • Crucial tips on attributing financial value to each touchpoint along a customer journey to gauge individual channel performance and best allocate both your time and marketing spend
  • Explore the latest measurement techniques and tools to demonstrate campaign success and directly attribute brand awareness to sales
  • Tips for plotting and attributing long-term ROI to plan future budgets and keep your marketing strategy ahead of the game

Dr. Pascal Volz
Vice President E-Commerce

Future Technology – Panel Discussion

14.25 What Are The Newest Technology Trends & Innovation Impacting The Travel Market Today, Tomorrow & In The Future?

  • Making reality virtual: are there real practical applications for VR to deliver genuine business benefits within travel and measurably impact the bottom line?
  • Top tips on making mobile work within your business to drive conversions and engage on-the-go customers wherever they are
  • Tomorrow’s tech today: insights into real, practical technologies that can be implemented immediately to drive your business forward and what’s on the horizon
  • Assessing the potential of fully-automated chatbots within your digital marketing presence and how to implement them in your business
  • Making the most of traditional channels in 2017 to update and perfect tried and tested techniques alongside new innovation

Hugo Kimber
Executive Chairman
LateRooms.com & SuperBreak

Amir Segall
VP International

Speaker to be confirmed

Paul Stephen

Estelle Giraudeau
Managing Director of UK & Scandinavia
Club Med

Bonus Session

14.55 Milton Bayer Partner Session
Speaker to be confirmed

Leveraging Data

15.10 Best-Practice Advice For Collecting, Collating & Segmenting Data Effectively For More Informed, Targeted Decision-Making

  • Insights into insight: strategies for gathering, analysing and interpreting useful data about your travel customers and making it work for you
  • Winning tips on collating and interpreting cross-platform data within your organisation and leveraging this into efficient, insight-led campaigns
  • Advice on how to most effectively segment your data to target the key demographics who will be most responsive to tailored campaigns

Matt Webster
Senior Customer Experience Manager
Virgin Atlantic Airways

15.45 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Automation & Personalisation

16.10 Leverage Technology For Automated, Personalised Marketing Communications Which Improve ROI & The Customer

  • Understanding the costs and resources required to implement automation programmes and streamline business functions – and how to make the case to senior decision makers
  • Leveraging cross-platform data sources to deliver personalised experiences and targeted messaging which encourage repeat business
  • The human touch? Striking the right balance between automation and bespoke, organic communications to guarantee the best customer experience

Asier Domaica
Industry Manager, Travel

Mastering Email

16.30 Engage & Convert Customers With High-Impact Email Campaigns & CRM Strategies Which Consistently Deliver

  • Optimising CRM usage for best-in-class segmentation, targeting and contact preference management for email campaigns which resonate with your audience to secure bookings and secondary spend
  • Tips for optimising your email campaigns to boost engagement, open rates and click-throughs for measurable results that drive sales and directly demonstrate value
  • Expert views on the latest automation tools available for delivering email most effectively in 2017 and beyond

Nick Crawford
Interim Head of eCRM

Winning Content

16.50 Crafting & Distributing Tailored Travel Content Which Stands Out From The Crowd, Drives Sales & Engages Audiences

  • Craft meaningful, focused content which strikes a channel-specific tone, fosters genuine brand engagement and boosts the profile of your organisation
  • Generate content which not only cuts through the noise but grabs and holds audience attention and also drives conversions for sustained business growth
  • Capitalise on the immense power of video and photo content to tell your brand story in an engaging way that immediately appeals to busy audiences
  • Ensure you are not simply producing the right content, but distributing it most effectively so the right message reaches the right audience at the right time, for maximum engagement

Alessandra di Lorenzo
Chief Commercial Officer – Media & Partnerships

Peter Ward
CEO and Co-founder
WAYN, part of lastminute.com group

17.15 Chairperson’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

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